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Hydration has never been easier

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Easy To Use

Moisturizing has never been easier. A few sprays and your skin is good to go. Our unique water formula is absorbed within seconds, and stays with your skin throughout the day.


Ion Complex Elite (I.C.E) is a water mineral 1,000,000 times smaller than regular water molecules, allowing moisture to penetrate into the deepest layer of your skin and moisturize from within. It is absorbed by your skin in seconds, so you never have to worry about staying wet.


Your skin brings out its youthful glow when you keep it nourished and hydrated, and that is what MITSUION does for you. Filling your skin with nutrients and moisture, your skin will shine bright. Accompanied with makeup, it becomes a great makeup enhancer as well.

Treats Sensitive Skin

Our products are made with 100% natural ingredients. It is friendly and gentle, ideal for sensitive skin. Sensitive skin is mostly caused by poor hydration, resulting in dry and red skin.

Our Story

OGUMA is a Japanese skincare brand based in Taiwan, with a belief that hydration is the basis of beautiful skin. Our founder, Dr. Oguma, was a scientist that discovered the secret of the Ion Complex Elite (I.C.E), a water mineral that has great skin moisturizing capabilities. Water has always been the foundation of life, organisms that possessed it have thrived, especially us. Using this technology, OGUMA was founded with a mission to bring this discovery to the world. For the last 20 years, OGUMA has gone through many testings and improvements to enhance the formula, which has led to various moisturizers and skincare products. But the concept has stayed the same, that our skin well hydrated is the best and healthiest skin.


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