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If you have dry and sensitive skin, then the MITSUION Pro is for you! Hydration is the essence of beauty and the MITSUION spray is your trusted companion that ensures hydration follows you wherever you go. With rich nutrients and water minerals, it will replenish skin cells that are dry and dull, leaving you with plum and radiant skin.



When home:

  • Use it first thing in the morning when you get out of bed.
  • Spray before beginning skin care routine and once more after. Same with makeup.
  • Keep in room temperature and away from direct sunlight.

When outside: 

  • Spray at least 7 times a day
  • Use whenever your skin is feeling dry
  • Spray over makeup to enhance effects



1.6 fl.oz/50ml

Recommended For

dry skin

sensitive skin

Dull skin

Ion Complex Elite (I.C.E)

A key ingredient in our MITSUION series is the Ion Complex Elite.

1 million times finer than water molecules, it can quickly infiltrate the surface of the skin and help reformation. Penetrating deep into your skin's basal layer to directly replenish skin moisture. 

The I.C.E mineral provides energy for skin activation, increase skin metabolism, balance skin oil and water, keeps your pores clean, soothes irritated skin and provide moisture and nutrients for your skin. 

This creates a protective layer around your skin that continuously moisturizes and dilutes fine lines, it also helps your skin absorb other skincare products easily, and can be used with makeup to enhance for maximum effect. 


Your skin should be well taken care of everyday, from the moisture to the nutrients. To help bring out its best, our MITSUION Pro is there for you anytime anywhere, on the luxury of your own schedule, in your home or office. Keep a bottle with you at all times, give your face a spray whenever it feels dry, or rather, just whenever you feel like it. It's fine water particles are easily absorbed through the pores and penetrates deep into your skin's basal layer. Moisturizing your skin from the deepest layer kick starts your skin metabolism, beginning a process of self-repair, production of collagen increases. As all these process take place, your skin will transform, pores will be cleansed and reveal a dewy glow. Enhanced skin elasticity and protection, along with a reduction in fine lines and wrinkles. Your skin will look its most beautiful at any age. 

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