Kawa Kawa

This cream is thoughtfully created to work with your everyday needs and support your skin the right way. If you've ever wondered why you might be seeing premature and rapid signs of aging, you're not alone. Our skin faces increasing stress from heightened pollution, fast-paced stressful lives, excess sun exposure and lack of sleep leading to more free radical damage. The Kawa Kawa drenches your skin with antioxidants deep within its layers to create a weightless, invisible antioxidant barrier to help fight off free radical damage. Formulated with white peony root, scutellaria baicalensis, and calendula extract, your skin is enhanced with antioxidants, brightening and firming ingredients. A light pudding texture that delivers deep hydration and sits softly on the skin, the Kawa Kawa will help you face the day head on.

1 fl.oz/30ml

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