Diamond Skin Whitening Lotion
Diamond Skin Whitening LotionDiamond Skin Whitening LotionDiamond Skin Whitening Lotion

A whitening lotion to reduce dark spots and melanin, and at the same time brighten your skin tone.



  • Skin whitening to give you a lighter skin tone
  • Breaks down melanin to reduce pigmentation and dark spots
  • Enhance skin resistance to melanin to prevent darker skin 
  • Moisturizing for healthy and dewy skin
  • Enhance skin elasticity for a soft and bouncy texture


  1. After cleansing, pump an appropriate amount and apply your skin. 
  2. Massage in a circular motion for full absorption.
  3. Use once a day.



1.35 fl.oz/40ml

Recommended for

dull skin

dry skin

dark spots

damaged skin

tranexamic acid

An enzyme that blocks the formation of melanin in your skin, reducing the appearance of dark spots.

Compared to other whitening ingredients, tranexamic acid is more gentle and non-irritating on your skin. 

Ideal for lightening dark spots, whiten skin and provide a balance on your overall skin fairness. 

other ingredients

Sea Fennel: Resolves dry skin peeling, maintain water balance for healthy and firm skin

Hexapeptide: Soothes wrinkles and fine lines, prevents skin aging and restores natural radiance

Hyaluronic Acid: Moisturize and enhance skin water retention

Vitamin B3: Increase skin tone fairness and skin cell renewal

Acetyltetrapeptide-2: Restores skin health and strengthen skin defense

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