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soothe sensitive skin

improve skin’s resiliency

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Dryness is the number 1 cause of sensitive skin, a lack of hydration weakens your skin's immune system which results in outbreaks, acne, redness etc. 

This can cause quite a problem, as most skincare might cause discomfort. But skincare is what your skin needs, and it needs plenty of it.

Mitsuion is designed for just that, it is extremely gentle and soothing on sensitive skin, but also portable so you can hydrate your skin frequently. 

Gentle on sensitive skin

Soothes skin inflammation

Takes less than 5 seconds to apply

Absorbs in less than a minute

Hydrates skin to restore youthful glow



about us

OGUMA is a skincare brand founded in Japan and established in Taiwan. 

For over 20 years, it has served millions of customers and garnered over 100,000 members.

We are dedicated to helping our users overcome various skin problems and achieve the best natural skin possible. 

OVER 15,000,000 sold

Ever since its debut 20 years ago, it has been one of Taiwan's most popular skincare product with around 1.5 bottles sold per minute.

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Mitsuion SuperMask

Super Intensive Moisturizing

If your skin is extremely dry and moisturizers aren't helping enough, give this mask a try

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Hydrate your skin anywhere

Lightweight and portable to hydrate your skin on the go


99% of users reported improved skin in 3 days

No artificial ingredients or preservatives

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What is this exactly?

Mitsuion is a moisturizing spray designed to treat dry and sensitive skin. 

Will it affect my makeup?

No it will not disrupt your makeup in any way. You can safely spray it over your face regardless of what you're wearing.

What are its benefits?

Mitsuion helps speed up skin recovery from sensitive skin and fully hydrate your skin to look plump and dewy. 

Where is this product from?

Mitsuion is manufactured and shipped from Taiwan

When will I receive it?

All orders placed will be shipped out the following day. You will typically receive your order in 1-3 days.

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