Mitsuion AllDay Spa
Mitsuion AllDay SpaMitsuion AllDay Spa

A moisturizing spray that ensures your skin stays plump and hydrated for long periods of time with a bright and dewy glow.


  • Moisturizing for dewy and healthy skin
  • Brighten skin complexion for a bright and dewy glow
  • Reduce fine lines and slows down skin ageing to give you younger-looking skin
  • Enhance skin elasticity for a smooth and bouncy texture


  1. Pour the hyaluronic acid into the AllDay Spa and close the lid
  2. Shake gently for a few seconds before spraying 
  3. Spray 7 times a day for best results



2.66 fl.oz/80ml 

Recommended for

oil control

dull skin

dry skin

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