Diamond Skin Whitening Serum
Diamond Skin Whitening SerumDiamond Skin Whitening SerumDiamond Skin Whitening Serum
This Whitening Serum is designed to bring skin whitening ingredients deep into your skin layers and whiten skin complexion from within. 
Hydrates and nourishes your skin
Tighten & improve skin elasticity 
Pollutant defending
Breaks down pigmentation
Reduces oily skin
Prevents premature skin aging  
Balance uneven skin tone

Silky texture


Use Daily
After cleansing and applying whitening toner, pump an appropriate amount and apply it gently on your skin.

Use it once in the morning and once at night.



1 fl.oz/30ml

Recommended for

dull skin

dry skin

dark spots

damaged skin

How it works

Yarrow: Skin nourishing

Coriander: Anti-aging and increase skin elasticity

Cinnamon: Moisturize, repair and soften skin

Mallow: Moisturize and reduces premature skin aging

Spicy Mint Leaf: Balance uneven skin tone

Tetrapeptide: Soothes sensitive skin

Shea Butter: Moisturize and strengthen skin cells