Aquaskin Hydrating Serum
Aquaskin Hydrating SerumAquaskin Hydrating Serum

A deep-water replenishment serum to hydrate your skin from the deepest layer for brighter and softer skin.

  • Deep skin hydration for healthy and dewy skin
  • Enhances elasticity for a soft and bouncy texture
  • Reduces fine lines and wrinkles for a younger look
  • Skin repair to restore a smooth and soft texture
  • Increases skin defense & resistance
  • Reduce oil secretion and the appearance of oily skin
  • Slows down skin aging 


After cleansing, apply one pump gently on your skin and massage in a circular motion to allow full absorption

Use once during morning and evening for full results



1.0 fl.oz/30ml

Recommended for

dull skin

dry skin

damaged skin

fine lines & wrinkles


Seaweed Extract: Moisturizing, oil control and anti-aging 

Flame Tree Extract: Skin soothing and moisturizing 

Alchemilla: Skin nourishing and repair, diminish wrinkles and enhance skin brightness and transparency

Lemon Balm: Skin soothing 

Thorn Cloud Extract: Enhance skin moisture retention 

Red Algae: Helps make the skin plump and supple 

Hyaluronic acid - Enhance skin softness and smoothness, enhance water retention

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