Our beginning

OGUMA is currently based in Taiwan, but its roots trace back to Tokyo, Japan over 30 years ago. Our founder was a Japanese scientist who dedicated his life to improving the quality of human lives, that man was Dr. Oguma.Concerned about the changing environment of our planet and its effects on our skin, he set out and came across the Ion Complex Elite (I.C.E). 

I.C.E is a mineral ion that is 1,000,000 times finer than water particles, but contain immense hydrating and energising capabilities.Mixing I.C.E with water and applying it on the skin, it generated some unexpected results. The human skin was extremely welcoming to this new substance, absorbing in an instant. After just 3 days of application, the skin became soft, smooth, bright and dewy with a glowing effect. Thus the I.C.E became the basis of MITSUION, OGUMA’s renowned moisturiser spray. 

After his discovery and experiments, OGUMA was born. Incorporated in Japan in 1999, production of the MITSUION spray began. The following year, the first counter was opened in Taimao Shopping Mall in Taiwan, soon becoming the top selling product of the year. 

4 years later, the first flagship store opened in Taipei, followed by subsequent stores in Hsinchu, Taichung, Tainan and Kaohsiung, drawing 60,000 visitors monthly and over 40,000 mail order customers. This figure still does not include sales from department stores, which were impossible to keep track. 

Later that year, OGUMA changed its original MITSUION spray from an aluminium can, to environmentally friendly PET material, to encourage recycling and protecting the environment. 

We encourage all our customers to be environment friendly, returning used bottles to us in exchange for a complimentary one. 

As of today, OGUMA has sold over 15,000,000 bottles, at a rate of 1.5 bottles per minute, with over 1,000,000 members worldwide. We are still continuing our journey, and hope that you’ll join us too as we grow.

Our Mission:

Our mission is to bring healthy and beautiful skin to everyone, regardless of gender, age, lifestyle and skin type. We keep our skincare easy to use but at the same time effective to our users.