AllDay Spa


Never have a bad skin day again! This nourishing mist delivers an instant boost of hydration to replenish and perk up your skin with a healthy, dewy glow. Give your skin a spritz while traveling, during work, relaxing at home, or before meeting someone and watch it brighten up. Added with hyaluronic acid to plump your skin and retain moisture for long hours at a time, you will look your best wherever you go.

✔️Hydrates & refreshes skin for a dewy glow
✔️Brightens dull skin 
✔️Cleanses your pores for clear skin
✔️Pollutant defending
✔️Prevents oily skin
✔️Increases water retention for long-lasting hydration
✔️Reduces enlarged pores

How to use
Spritz whenever your skin feels dry or dull

2.66 fl.oz/80ml 

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