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Ion Complex Elite

Ion Complex Elite is a raw mineral discovered by Dr Oguma in his laboratory research. By mixing I.C.E with water and applying it on the skin, it generated some unexpected results. After a long period of adjustments and improvement, the Mitsuion was born. Originally intended to be used for infants, as it is gentle on the skin and extremely nourishing, it quickly became a skin necessity for men, women and children alike.

For 17 years, it was dedicated to solving skin problems of all people. However, in recent years, due to climate change, environmental pollution, ultraviolet rays, pressures of life, toxic substances and other factors, skin ageing and its problems have continued. Although previous generations of OGUMA products have slowed down skin ageing, they could not change the environment around the skin. For this reason, OGUMA's R&D team underwent nearly three years of research and repeated testing, constantly adjusting the formula and seeking a more effective and stable proportion of ingredients. After hundreds of technical improvements, it finally broke through. Ion Complex Elite was doubled and stabilized. 

Ion Complex Elite is what makes the Mitsuion so unique. Being 1 million times smaller than water molecules, it can quickly infiltrate the surface of the skin and help reformation. Penetrating deep into your skin's basal layer to directly replenish skin moisture. The I.C.E mineral provides energy for skin activation, increase skin metabolism, balance skin oil and water, keeps your pores clean, soothes irritated skin and provide moisture and nutrients for your skin. This creates a protective layer around your skin that continuously moisturises and dilutes fine lines, it also helps your skin absorb other skincare products easily, and can be used with makeup to enhance for maximum effect. 


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